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Town of Wright ~ Gallupville House
Municipal Building & Community Center

With diagrams, videos, descriptions, pictures, and handouts, the Gallupville House Association presented to the town board on June 23, 2021, a well thought out vision to use the Gallupville House as the future municipal and community center for the town. Chris Claus detailed the long history of the structure as well as the relationship between the Gallupville House and the Town. 


With the help of Keith A. Cramer, Historical Architect, The Gallupville House Association presented new site plans, and 3-D renderings showing the potential of the Gallupville House to house numerous town offices, store town records, hold small committee meetings as well as the large community space for town board meetings and voting. 


  • The Gallupville House is on the National Historic Register, which positively influences grant eligibility.

  • Repurposing and partnership with Gallupville House Association would increase grant success.

  • Town already owns building and Court already uses first floor.

  • Repurposing would be consistent with Comprehensive Plan and Ag Plan.

  • It’s not in the flood plain and could be a safe/secure shelter.

  • Additional acreage available for:
      - Ample parking/playground location

​         - Room for solar panels –decrease costs.

  • ​Ample interior space (7,600+ sf) for•Large meetings, public hearings, jury trials, community events, voting.


  • Maintains main floor for community use.Substantial office space for Town officials:


  • ADA compliant with elevator, new stairway, and handicap ramp meeting building code –Seniors could meet here.

  • Will have modern lighting, plumbing, heating, and potable water.

  • The only significant public building left in Town and the only one with public stage area. 

Artist rendering of renovated second floor

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